Testors Categories

Acrylic Paints

These quality acrylic paints are the perfect choice for our casual and younger modelers. They are water wash-up and non-toxic so they are safe for our new generations of hobbyists. Our “7” popular colors (White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Black) will be the perfect choice for all your craft, school, scout (pinewood derby) and woodworking projects.

Enamel Paints

Testors ¼ oz. enamel paints come in over 45 popular colors in the familiar glass bottle. Testors 3 oz. enamels come in over 45 colors in convenient sprays. And Testors Enamel Paint Markers come individually or in convenient 3-pack sets.

Lacquer Paints

A new line of aerosol lacquers offer trend-forward colors and convenience, all in one classy package:

  • Innovation one coat formula meets today’s need for speed.
  • No prime coat or clear coat needed.
  • Fast dries in 20 minutes for less.
  • A well-rounded palette of today’s hottest metallic colors.

Enamel Paint Markers

Enamel Paint Sets

Testors Enamel Paint Sets make great gift items as well as offer a real value for hobbyists. Each of these sets contain trusted quality Testors Enamels, favored by casual and passionate modelers alike.

Acrylic Paint Sets

Testor Acrylic Paint Sets are the perfect gift item for casual and younger modelers and hobbyist. These quality paints in the tiny bottles are also great for school and scout projects, craft projects, wood working just about anything that requires painting. Testors Acrylic Paints are fast drying, non-toxic, easy water wash-up, and low odor. Testors offers a wide variety of Acrylic Paint Sets for different application:

Acrylic Paint Pod Sets

Testors All-Purpose Paint Pod Sets are ideal for any hobby, craft, or art project for big kids and little kids alike.

  • Spill-proof paint pods snap open and shut for ease of use and storage.
  • Testors acrylics paints are fast drying, non toxic, easy water wash-up and low odor.
  • Snap-together pods.

Paint Brushes

Testors offer a variety of paint brush styles, from fine to broad tip and from economy to fine Artist brushes. All Testors paint brushes are geared toward hobby and craft projects. Brushes are shed-proof, so bristles won’t end up in the paint finish.

Cements & Glues

Testors cements have been used by hobbyists and craftsmen for over 75 years. The full range of Testors cements and glue are exceptionally strong, fast-drying and easy to use. They offer quality and convenience at a low price. Testors iconic tube of cement is the #1 selling Testors item in the hobby category. Both the standard and the non-toxic versions of Testors Cement for plastic are staples for the hobbyist.

Modeling Tools & Accessories

A wide variety of hobby tools from sprue cutters, pliers and knives to putty and sanding film.

Model kits

WHY Testors

The core of the Testor product line, American grew up using Testors iconic bottles and cans of paints. Testors paints can be used on virtually any project, from models and miniatures to woodworking, scout projects and crafts. Testors offers a one-stop shop of hobby products for the young and older casual modeler.

  • Top selling colors in spray and bottled enamels
  • A wide variety of convenient enamel and acrylic paint sets, making paint purchases for the casual modeler and child, fast and easy.
  • Cement and glue for plastic, wood, metal and more.
  • Paint brushes, cutting tools, sandpaper and decals.
  • Great palette of popular colors.
  • Superb color fidelity from one batch to the next.
  • Reliable, consistent paint chemistry.
  • Superior flow and coverage for fast, easy application.
  • Cures to a hard-wearing, permanent finish.
  • Versatile, providing excellent adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces:
    • Polystyrene and ABS Plastic.
    • Metal including white metal, pewter and brass.
    • Wood and paper.
    • Leather, wax and glass.
  • Superior shelf life.

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