Brass - 1/4 oz. Bottle (F)

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Testor All purpose Enamels are fast drying, easy to apply and can be used on many kinds of surfaces. Finely ground pigments mean superb flow and coverage. All colors are carefully controlled from batch to batch and each bottle color exactly matches its corresponding aerosol spray color. Testor bottle and aerosol spray enamels are all lead free. Use only 1160, 1260, 1161 and 1261 Dullcote or Glosscoat to protect your paint job. All others will dull or deleaf the metallic in this paint.

  • If you are airbrushing Testor Enamels, use 8824 Enamel Airbrushing Thinner. Use the following ratio as a starting point. Gloss; 3 parts paint to 2 parts thinner. Flat; 3 parts paint to 1 part thinner
  • Enamels require 48 hrs. to completely cure.
  • *NOTE* Solvent based products cannot be shipped outside the Continental U.S.

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