FX Enamel Oil & Grease Stain – 1 Oz. Bottle

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CreateFX is a new product line that creates detail while educating, inspiring and driving innovation into schools, clubs, craft and hobby projects!

CreateFX Enamel Oil & Grease Stain is easy to apply. Stir well before applying as stains settle. Apply stain with a fine brush around detail, seams, recessed and standing detail or apply evenly over entire surface. Stain will naturally concentrate in corners and pull up flat surfaces. To blend, thin or remove use 79256 Enamel Thinner. Let dry for 15 minutes, remove excess with thinner using either a moistened cloth or fine brush. Leave 24 hours for full cure. Recoating before then may result in blending of colors. Seal with clear coat. Always test surface compatibility with paint on hidden area or on same type of surface that is not your finished project.

  • Thin paint 3 parts paint to 2 parts thinner
  • Adjust compressor to 20-25 PSI.

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