Pin Vice with 5 Drills

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SKU# 8943T
USD$ 16.04




Drill small size holes with ease.

Five precision twist drill sizes perfect for putting holes in wood, balsa wood, plastic, aluminum, plaster and steel.

Rotating headstock fits in the palm of your hand allowing constant even pressue for drilling.

Precision chuck head is capable of holding multiple drill bits from a size 0.3090 in. (.99mm) to a size of 0.0700 in. (1.778mm). Unscrew check and flip over to accommodate the two smaller drill bit sizes.

Durable plated finish provides years of dependable use.

Testors Drill Set Sizes: 0.0390 in. (.99mm), 0.0470 in. (1.19mm), 0.0540 in. (1.37mm), 0.0580 in. (1.473mm), 0.700 in. (1.778mm).

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