Acrylic Nozzle .50mm - White

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  • Use for illustration, medium area coverage using acrylic paints.
Type of paint sprayed
  • Airbrushing acrylics, airbrush colors, Testor Spraying Acrylics
  • A320, A430, A470, 1000S, 2000S, 3000S

  • 15-30 PSI 1.1-2.1 Bar

    • This nozzle has a cone shaped tip. This exposes the needle but it means that it sprays acrylic paint with out many problems. Acrylics can build up on any needle fast. Since the needle is more exposed this makes it easer to clean with either a stiff brush or your fingertips while using this nozzle. Be sure to use 50496 Acrylic Paint Thinner to clean out wet paint. If the paint has dried use 50497 Acrylic Airbrush Paint Cleaner to clean your nozzles. Blowing the thinner/cleaner through the open side port where your color cup or bottle would be can do this. You can also soak your nozzle in Acrylic Cleaner.

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