FX Acrylic Clear Gloss Finish – 1 Oz. Bottle

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CreateFX is a new product line that creates detail while educating, inspiring and driving innovation into schools, clubs, craft and hobby projects!

CreateFX Acrylic Clear Gloss (G) Finish is as a final step to preserve any painted projects finish, color, and/or surface. It’s great for use on almost any surface imaginable: wood, leather, plastic, metal, ceramic, paper, canvas, corrugate, bisque, terra cotta, plaster, glass, plaster of Paris, fabric and more. It can be used over Acrylic, Enamel and Lacquer paints safely. Full cure in 24 hours. This will give a nice glossy finish to your project.

If Airbrushing,

  • Thin with Universal Acrylic Thinner #50496
  • Thin paint 75% paint to 25% thinner
  • Adjust compressor to 16-18 PSI

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