Spray Chalk Questions

  • 11.

    Can you mix Spray Chalk colors to make new colors?

    Yes. Spray one color on your surface and before it dries, spray on the other color. Try spraying blue then pink to create purple; blue then yellow to create green and pink then yellow to create orange.
  • 12.

    How do I create finer lines?

    For finer lines, hold Spray Chalk can closer to your surface and use short, quick strokes.
  • 13.

    What is the best way to fill in my artwork with color?

    For fill in, hold Spray Chalk can further from your surface and use broad strokes.
  • 14.

    How many coats of Spray Chalk should I apply?

    You only need one coat of Spray Chalk. For a deeper color or for use on grass, additional coats may be necessary.
  • 15.

    How far away from the surface should I hold my Spray Chalk can?

    Hold your Spray Chalk can 4-10” from your surface and at a 45° angle. For sand and glass, hold the can further from the surface.