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  • Aztek Airbrush Tips and Troubleshooting (7:52)

    Take time to understand common problems that can cause a project to go from creation to frustration. Runny paint, grainy paint or clogged airbrush nozzles can easily be resolved with a few simple troubleshooting steps. Check out this video to find out how!
  • Getting Started with the Aztek A320 Airbrush(10:57)

    Aztek has created the most innovative airbrush in the industry today. Aztek’s easy to use, easy to spray and easy to master system utilizes quick change feed cups and tip technology. Cutting edge innovations such as the tip technology make this airbrush the most consumer friendly airbrush on the market.
  • How to Clean your Aztek Internal Mix Airbrush(8:08)

    A quick guide to cleaning any Aztek internal mix airbrush including the A320, A370, A470 and A480 airbrushes. The Aztek airbrush system allows you to clean your airbrush without ever having to dissemble the airbrush body.
  • How to Airbrush in Single and Dual Action: Aztek A470 & A480: (8:35)

    The Aztek A470 and A480 airbrushes are able to operate as either a single action or a double action airbrush. This is an instructional video for these airbrushes showing how to set it up for single action spraying and double action spraying..
  • Aztek A370 Airbrush: Getting Started (8:08)

    Getting started with your Aztek A370 Double Action Airbrush including assembly and basic airbrushing in double action.The ergonomic Aztek A370 Airbrush features Aztek Tip Technology for easy effect changes and cleaning.
  • How to set up your Aztek A470 or A480 Airbrush(8:35)

    A quick guide to getting started with your Aztek A470 or A480 internal mix airbrush.