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Dads Day Stick Family Shirt

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Dads Day Stick Family ShirtAfter
Dads Day Stick Family Shirt


  1. Download the instructions and stencils located here.

  2. Cut a sheet of freezer paper to measure 8.5” x 11”. Iron the very top edge of the paper, shiny side down onto a sheet of card stock.  Smooth it out against the card stock so it lays flat and iron the very bottom edge. This will hold the freezer paper in place as it feeds through your inkjet printer. Feed the page so that it prints the stencil images on the dull side of the freezer paper. Mark the center of the stencil after printing to help you align it with the center of the shirt later.

  3. Use a craft knife to cut along the image outlines. Save the die cut pieces.

  4. Iron the stencil to the center front of the shirt.

  5. At this point you could paint the figures just as they are if you wish.  But if you prefer the outline look shown, trim each of the die cut pieces approximately 1/16” following the shape of the piece. The finished piece will be slightly smaller than the stencil, creating a narrow space between it and the stencil outline.

  6. Place the die cut pieces inside the stencil and iron them to the shirt.  Don’t forget to also position the center of the letters, DAD.

  7. Airbrush the stencil with two layers of clear paint allowing them to dry in between. This will help the white paint show up brighter on the black shirt. Airbrush with two coats of white paint.

  8. When the paint is dry, peel off the freezer paper. Some of the pieces may not come off with the page. Lift them off easily by inserting a craft knife under the edges.

  9. Use a small brush and white paint to add eyes, mouths and any other small details you want.  Allow the paint to dry for 48 hours. Cover with a protective cloth and iron to set the paint.

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