Color Shift Questions

  • 6.

    How many coats do I need to apply to see a color change?

    As few as 2 coats are required (over a black basecoat) to see a true color change. Too many coats might lessen the overall color change, but still create a unique effect.
  • 7.

    Can I use it over other colored basecoats?

    Yes! Try it over other colored basecoats for a dramatic effect.
  • 8.

    What can I create with Color Shift Aerosols?

    Use your imagination! Add Color Shift colors to any of your craft or hobby projects.
  • 9.

    How do I clean the tip on my Color Shift aerosol can?

    Clean tip clogs with mineral spirits.
  • 10.

    How long does it take Color Shift aerosols to dry?

    The dry time is 30 minutes to touch and 1 hour to handle.