Color Shift Questions

  • 1.

    What surfaces can I use Color Shift aerosols on?

    Color Shift aerosols can be used for craft and decorative surfaces made of wood, metal, paper mache, terra cotta, ceramic bisque, glass and most porous surfaces. Do not apply to surfaces that, when heated, exceed 200 °F (93 °C) or galvanized metal.
  • 2.

    Can I use Color Shift Aerosols inside?

    We recommend using outdoors or in a well-ventilated area such as an open garage.
  • 3.

    Do I need to prime my project before using Color Shift aerosols?

    We recommend a primer and then black basecoat. A black basecoat must be applied to create a true color change.
  • 4.

    Do I need a top coat?

    You do not need to a apply a topcoat after applying these products.
  • 5.

    How many color will I see after I sprayed my project with a Color Shift aerosol?

    The number of colors you see depends on the light or angle in which your project is viewed. However, you are guaranteed to see at least two prominent colors from each product.