General Questions

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    Do you still make Model Master Parafilm item 50641?

    This item was discontinued in 2001.  Micro Mark has a similar product that you can find more information on at or call 1-908-464-2985.

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    What causes paint to Orange Peel?

    Orange peel is an irregularity in the surface of a paint film resulting from the inability of the wet film to “level out” after being applied. Orange peel is caused by the rapid evaporation of the solvents either while the paint is drying or while it is being applied. It becomes more pronounced at higher temps and/or when lower humidity conditions exist. Orange peel can also happen if the aerosol paint can or airbrush is held too far away from the object being painted, when using too much thinner in an airbrush or allowing the model to dry in a spray booth with the exhaust fan on. It is usually only visible on gloss finishes. Once orange peel develops, it is necessary to remove the film and start over.

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    Do you still have Pactra Aerogloss, Formula-U or Prep products?

    We no longer manufacture or distribute these products.  

    For assistance in locating the items, you can contact Midwest Products Inc. at 1-800-348-3497,  address - 400 S. Indian St., Hobart, IN 46342.

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    Where do I purchase Testor products if I live in Canada?

    While we are not licensed to ship our products to consumers outside the US, we do however have Canadian Distributors that order from us and can ship to various retailers. Please click here to view and locate these retailers.

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    How do I remove your paint from fabric or carpet?

    If you have a paint that has just spilled, Waterbased Acrylics will come up with water. Blot out with water and keep rinsing, followed by soapy water.

    Acetone Nail Polish or Mineral spirits will work for enamels, however you will need to blot and not try to scrub out.

    In both cases it is tough to get paint completely out when you have a porous substrate. Fabric can be even more difficult because certain types of fabric can react with the solvents like mineral spirits and can harm the fibers. It has been known to remove the dye from fabric or carpet.

    Once the paint has started to dry, it becomes even more difficult to remove and the likely hood of getting all the paint removed is not probable.

    Always test fabric with the solvent in an area that won't be seen in case it does discolor the fabric.