Marbling Medium Questions

  • 6.

    Will the marbling medium change the look of my acrylic craft paints?

    Your acrylic craft paint colors will stay true to color and will not mix together, but will flow smoothly side-by-side.
  • 7.

    What if I get air bubbles in my marbling medium and acrylic craft paint mixture?

    Gently stir marbling medium and acrylic craft paint before using and allow mixture to rest to avoid air bubbles. If bubbles do occur and won’t pop, gently tap the container and they should rise to the top and pop.
  • 8.

    Do I mix my marbling medium and all of my acrylic craft paint colors in the same cup?

    No. Choose acrylic craft paint colors and pour each into its own cup. Add Testors Craft Marbling Medium to each color.
  • 9.

    How do I apply the marbling medium and acrylic craft paint mixture to get a marbled effect?

    Pour the mixtures directly on the surface one color at a time. Tilt surface to create a marbled effect. You can continue to rotate and tilt the surface until you are not seeing much movement.

    note: The mixture is expected drip off the sides of the surface.

  • 10.

    Can I drag the mixture to make the marbling effect?

    We don’t recommend touching the mixture as it breaks the marbling “barrier”. If you want to try and experiment on a smaller surface try using a very fine pointed tool such as a toothpick to drag the paints.