Spray Chalk Questions

  • 1.

    What surfaces can I use Spray Chalk on?

    Spray Chalk can be used on concrete, grass, asphalt, snow, sand, gravel, pavers, vinyl siding and glass. Do not use on clothing or household items.
  • 2.

    Can I use Spray Chalk inside?

    No. Spray Chalk is for outdoor use only.
  • 3.

    How many Spray Chalk colors are available?

    Spray Chalk is available in Pink, Yellow, Blue and White, but keep checking back! We are always working on new color development. And for those who can’t decide, these colors come in a convenient 4pk set.
  • 4.

    What can I create with Spray Chalk?

    Testors Spray Chalk is perfect for creating temporary art, games, obstacle courses, special occasion markings, sports fields and more!
  • 5.

    How do I remove Spray Chalk from my surface?

    To remove Spray Chalk, simply rinse the surface with water pressure from a garden hose. Light brushing may be required on porous surfaces. If residue remains due to long term contact or extended exposure to sunlight, use household cleaner such as Krud Kutter to remove.