Wood Staining

Applying wood stain

Leftover Paint

How do I apply stain?


STEP 1: Before applying, test the color in an inconspicuous area to ensure it’s the color you want. Make sure the wood is the same type as the rest of your piece.


STEP 2: Stir the contents thoroughly before use. Some stain color may settle at the bottom of the can so it is important to stir thoroughly, just like you would for paint. Next apply the stain using a high quality synthetic bristle brush, foam brush or clean, lint-free cloth. We prefer a lint-free cloth as it allows greater control during the application process. Apply the stain liberally in the direction of the grain until the wood is saturated on top. Allow the stain to set on the wood according to manufacturer’s directions. We recommend 5 minutes for Varathane Wood Stain. For less color wipe immediately; for more color allow the full 5 minutes for absorption. Do not let the stain set longer than 5 minutes as it will begin to dry.


STEP 3: Wipe off the excess stain in the direction of the wood grain. Allow the stain to dry according to label directions before applying a protective clear top coat such as a polyurethane or lacquer.