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Leather Strip Bracelet

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Green Hot Fix Rhinestones 3mm
    • Hot Fix Rhinestone Applicator
    • Mini Anorak Snaps
    • Painter's tape
    • Repositionable Stencil Spray Adhesive
    • Small Flower Stencils
    • Small Paisley Stencils
    • Tandy Leather Trim Piece
Leather Braclet

  1. Determine the size you need for the bracelet to loosely fit your wrist. Add 1” to that number and cut the length of the leather strap to that measurement.  The 1” will allow the overlap for the snaps.

  2. Cut the width of the strap to 1.75”. Use the edge of the piece you cut off as a guide for shaping the bracelet’s cut ends into curved shapes.

  3. Find the center of the strap and mark it with painters tape. 

  4. Remove the sticky film from the flower stencil and position it in the center of the leather. You will be painting only the flower part of the stencil design.

  5. Mask off areas not to be painted. Spray the image.

  6. When the paint is dry remove the flower stencil and position the paisley stencil image to the left of the flower as pictured. Paint the small paisley design only with pearl green.
  7. When the green paint has dried, remove the stencil and clean the paint from it. Spray the cleaned side with repositionable stencil adhesive.

  8. Position the flipped paisley image to the right side of the flower so it aligns with the left paisley. Press to adhere it to the leather and paint with green.  Avoid sticking tape on painted areas as the paint may lift off when the tape is removed.

  9. Using a small paintbrush and a very light amount of paint, brush green from the base of each flower petal upwards. Repeat with light lines of brown paint. Outline each of the flower’s petals with a green, permanent marker.

  10. Place green hot fix rhinestones over the dots around the paisley designs. A Pickmeup Tool makes positioning the stones an easy job.

  11. Attach the rhinestones with a hot fix rhinestone applicator.

  12. Attach the snaps according to package directions, centering the snap holes within a half-inch edge on each end of the leather. 
TIP: You can also use glue to attach the rhinestones. Apply it with a fine paintbrush using only enough to adhere the stones.  Too much glue will create glue rings around each rhinestone when they are pressed in place.

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