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Color Shift DIY Metal Gift Tags

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  • Marbling Heart
    Marbling Medium Canvas Heart
  • Mr Shenanigans T-Shirt
    Just Call Him Mr. Shenanigans and Make This Airbrushed T-Shirt To Say It Loud and Proud
  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Testors® Color Shift Spray Paints in Emerald Turquoise, 330574; Basecoat, Gloss Black, 335100
    • Testors® Craft Acrylic Paint: White, 297593
    • Aluminum Flashing
    • Flat-Tip Artist Paint Brush (For Dry Painting the Edges of the Tag)
    • Fine-Tip Permanent Marker, Black
    • Plastic-Drop Cloth
    • Craft Scissors
    • Craft Gloves
    • Hole Punch
    • Craft Sticks
    • Jute Twine
Metal Gift Tags
Blogger Project - Perfect for any gift, these easy DIY gift tags add a unique flair to any package. Using Testors Color Shift paints, you can get a look that changes colors in different light and at different angles.