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3D Printed Ornament

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • 3D Printer
    • Red PLA Filament
    • Gloves
    • Masking Tape
3D Print Ornament After
  1. Print 3D ornament by following instructions for 3D printer. Red PLA filament was used. 
  2. Prep 3D print by cleaning it. Wear gloves to prevent oils from fingers or fingerprints. 
  3. Spray entire ornament with one light coat of CreateFX Glitter Gold Specialty Spray. Once dry, spray entire ornament with CreateFX Glitter Sealer Spray for additional protection. Tip:  Additional coats of Glitter Gold Spray can be applied.  Allow each coat to dry before applying additional coats. A final coat of sealer should be applied & dry before handling or hanging ornament. 
  4. Allow base coats to dry per product directions and apply marking tape, masking tape or both to cover all of the ornament except for the star. 
  5. Spray the uncovered area with CreateFX Gold Enamel Spray. Allow to dry. 
  6. When dry, remove tape.