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Easter Egg Door Hanger

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Casual Letters
    • Ceramic Plaque 11 Inches
    • Colorartz Sushi Chef Stencil
    • Dazzle Tac
    • Disposable Container
    • Glitter
    • Heavy-Duty Stapler or Nail Tacks
    • Large Eye Plastic Needle
    • Oval Plaques 10 Inches
    • Painter's tape
    • Pencil
    • Piece Of Lace 8 Inch Square
    • Plastic Gloves
    • Purple PolkaDot Ribbon 1 and a Half Inches Wide
    • Round Plate
    • Ruler
    • Scissors
    • Sheer White Ribbon 2 and a Half Inches Wide
    • Sponge Brush
Easter Egg Door Hanger After


  1. Remove the cord from the ceramic plaque.  If the white finish has become scuffed during handling at the store, paint the surface with a coat of white paint and allow it to dry. 

  2. Place a strip of one-inch tape on both long edges of the plaque then center another strip between them.

  3. Mix some white paint with purple to achieve a shade you like.  Airbrush the plaque.  When the paint is dry, remove the tape.

  4. Lay the wood letters out on a paper towel right side up.

  5. Pour some Coat & Create in a disposable container. This product is very sticky so wear gloves and use a throw-away brush to coat the letters.  Work on paper towels coating a letter then immediately transferring it to a tissue to add glitter.  

  6. Place each letter on a tissue. To achieve solid coverage, pour, don’t sprinkle, glitter onto the letter.  Shake the excess off the letter and onto the tissue.  Place the coated letters on wax paper and allow to dry 24 hours.

  7. When you’re done with the glitter save it by creating a sharp crease in a piece of paper, and emptying the glitter from each tissue onto the page.

  8. Return the glitter to its original container by holding the creased page over the container opening.

  9. Thread the sheer ribbon through a large plastic needle to guide it into the holes in the ceramic plaque to create a hanger.  Double knot the ends and trim them with scissors.

  10. Glue the letters onto the plaque using Dazzle Tac glue. Let the horizontal painted lines guide the placement.

  11. Remove the tags from the oval wood plaques. Draw a line down the center of the backside. Follow that by two more lines .75” to the left and right of center. This will guide the ribbon placement later.

  12. Protect your work surface and airbrush a coat of white paint on the plaque front if there are visible scuffmarks on the finish.

  13. Trace the plaque on a sheet of card stock. Trace a round plate on the egg shape to create curves for the top and bottom portion of the lace trim egg. Cut out the shapes with scissors.

  14. Weigh down the curved pieces on the plaque to keep them from moving. Airbrush the center of the egg with purple paint. When dry, place a piece of lace across the purple area and airbrush with white paint.

  15. With the card stock pieces on the egg, create a 1/4” opening between the top and middle piece. Airbrush with purple paint.

  16. Remove the card stock and allow the paint to dry. Mix a little dark green with the fluorescent green paint and airbrush a very light coat over the entire egg. Finish by adding more of the mixed color to the top and bottom curved edges.

  17. Use the same mixed green color to airbrush the second egg. When dry, apply the stencil and airbrush with white paint.

  18. Use the card stock pieces to create slanted curved color lines on the egg by leaving space between the pieces.  Airbrush a wide purple and a thin white line.

  19. Use a heave-duty stapler or nail tacks to attach the polka dot ribbon to the back of the eggs.  Cut one ribbon 7” long and the second one 10”.  Align the ribbon with the lines you drew earlier to be sure the ribbon is straight.  If it slants to one side or the other, the egg will hang crooked.

  20. Attach the opposite ends of the ribbon to the plaque. Attach them with Dazzle Tac glue and allow then to dry for 24 hours. 

  21. Create bows with the polka dot ribbon and glue them to the top of the eggs with hot glue or Dazzle Tac. 


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