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    Heart Lights Centerpiece
  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Card Stock
    • Drill
    • Gerson 18 Led Battery Powered Light String
    • Gloves
    • Scotch Spray Mount Repositionable Adhesive
    • Stencil
    • Streamer String
    • White Mailbox
Halloween Themed Mailbox


  1. Download the stencil called “Got My Eyes On You” by clicking here.

  2. Enlarge it to measure 15" horizontally in your graphics program. 

  3. Print out a copy by splitting and printing the image into two sections.  Tape the printed pages together to create one complete image.  

  4. Remove the flag from the mailbox.  Newer boxes have a plastic clip on the inside that holds the flag in place.

  5. Tape the image copy to the side of the mailbox to get an idea of its position on the box.  Drill holes through the paper and metal in the spots indicated using a 5/32 sized drill bit.  Caution!  Carefully clean up metal bits from the drilling which can be very sharp.  

  6. Keep the image position in mind.  Remove the copy.  Spray the box with Streamer String.  Cover both sides of the box but avoid the area where the image will be painted.  Let the String rest a few minutes.

  7. Airbrush the entire outer box with black paint.  Use a gentle spray around strings so as not to move them with the air pressure.  Allow the paint to dry completely.

  8. Using plastic gloves, gently brush off the silly string leaving white spider webbing across the box.  Clean up the string on the work surface before continuing.

  9. Paste the image page on the card stock and cut around the shapes with a craft knife.  The eyes will not be connected to the final stencil once it’s cut so don’t worry about them all.  But separately cut out one set of eyes, which will be used to paint all of the eyes in the image later.

  10. Spray adhesive on the backside of the card stock pieces.  Lay the stencil on the mailbox in position. 

  11. Airbrush the open stencil areas with orange paint.  Before painting, cover the holes inside the box with a sheet of paper if you don't want paint to spray inside through the holes. 

  12. When the paint is dry, remove the stencil.  Place the eyes stencil over a set of holes in the box and airbrush with black paint.  When dry, pick up the stencil and move it to another area.  When you've completed adding all the eyes, you're done airbrushing the box.

  13. Airbrush the mailbox flag black on both sides.  

  14. Use the original stencil to design a small stencil tombstone for the flag.  Apply the stencil to the flag and airbrush it with white paint.  When the paint is dry, airbrush “RIP” in black.

  15. Attach lights inside the box behind the holes.  Use painter’s tape to hold the light bulbs against the holes.  Arrange the lights following the number sequence on the image copy.  Because of the distance between holes and lights, two lights will end up unused on the inside wall of the box.  It helps to turn the lights on while installing them so you can see if they are positioned correctly behind the holes. 

  16. Place the battery pack inside the box.  Tape the pack to the floor of the box with the switch in a position that will be easy to access. 

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