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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • All Purpose Glue
    • Black Medium Tip Marker
    • Double Sided Tape
    • Exacto Knife
    • Lace Fabric
    • Paper Plate
    • Party Hat
    • Pencil
    • Plastic Spoons
    • Sharpie Marker
    • Scissors
    • Scrap Paper
    • Shoe Box
    • Silver Glitter
    • Straight Pin
    • Tinsel
New Years Eve Party Hats

Ring out the old boring party hats! Upcycle leftover Christmas decorations to bling in new, airbrushed party hats for your New Year’s celebration!

  1. Deconstruct a party hat and use as template to trace onto a shoe box. Use a small cup to trace a circle (clock base) and freehand draw two clock hand shapes onto the shirt box; cut out all shapes.

  2. Cover work area with the Testors drop cloth. Following manufacturer’s instructions, assemble airbrush to chosen air source.  Remove red plastic cap and fill feed cup with Aztek Airbrushable Fluorescent Pink Paint.

  3. Practice airbrushing on piece of paper before applying paint to project. Lightly press trigger and spray smooth, even strokes of Fluorescent Pink paint onto party hat. (note: Heavy amounts of paint may warp the cardboard, so keep coats of paint very light.)  Let dry and apply additional coats if necessary. Note:  If airbrush is left idle and paint has dried inside bottle, cap, or siphon tubes, disassemble parts and soak in Aztek Acrylic Airbrush Cleaner. 

  4. Lay lace fabric over painted party hat. Lightly press trigger and spray light, smooth, even strokes of Opaque Black paint until lace is covered completely.

  5. Carefully remove lace to reveal design. Set aside to dry.

  6. Airbrush clock face with Aztek Airbrushable Fluorescent Yellow Paint.  Let dry and apply additional coats if necessary
  7. Apply glue to clock hands and run bead of glue along edge of circle as shown. Cover glue with silver glitter. Let dry. Brush off any excess glitter.

  8. Securing all with double-stick tape, reassemble party hat into cone shape, attach tinsel to base and bows to top of hat. Using straight pin to start holes, poke brad through all pieces to form clock and attach to hat.  Position clock on opposite side of hat’s seam.
  9. Cut small slits in sides of hat; slide headband through slits. If desired, use the black marker to write, “Happy New Years,” or further personalize it by the adding the year or name.

Additional Tips:
Attach folded tape to the bottoms of your shapes to secure them while airbrushing and glittering. 

Place items to be glittered on a paper plate for easy clean up and use a plastic spoon to sprinkle the glitter.

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