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Aztek Airbrushed Noel Glass Drink Coasters

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Glass Coasters
    • Stencil
    • Marker
    • Paper Towels
    • Painter's tape
    • Rubbing Alcohol
    • Silkscreens
    • Clear Vinyl Pads
Noel Coaster After Noel Coaster Before

Aztek® Airbrushed Noel Glass Drink Coaster
Project designed and created by Gloria Uhler at for The Testor Corp.


Materials Required

Testors’ Supplies:
Testors® Aztek® Airbrush
Testors® Aztek® Paint cups
Testors® Hobby knife
Testors® Aztek® Airbrushable Acrylic Paints #9446 Opaque Red, #9449 Opaque Blue & #9472 Gold Pearl

Other Supplies:
Glass Coasters from
Martha Stewart Crafts® Laser-Cut Stencils, Four Seasons
Martha Stewart Crafts® Chalkboard Silkscreens, Carolyna Script Alphabet
Clear vinyl pads ½” – four for each coaster – Home Depot
Paper towels
Painters tape
Rubbing alcohol

Helpful Hints:
Allow all paint to dry between steps.
Protect areas not being painted from accidental overspray.
Clean the stencils with hot soapy water between applications to avoid thick paint buildup.  Some stencils clean up easily with rubbing alcohol.


Project Steps

Step 1
Use a craft knife to remove the rubber feet on the four edges of the glass.  Follow with rubbing alcohol to rid the glass of any remaining adhesive.  Clean the entire glass with alcohol to wipe away fingerprints.


Step 2
Place painters tape on the front side of the glass so you can later easily tell which is the front and which is the back.  Use a Sharpie to draw a line down the center of the glass.


Step 3
Draw two more lines on the glass dividing the two halves into four equal spaces.


Step 4
Mix a little Blue paint with the Red to create a rich crimson color. 


Step 5
Place the left edge of the “N” against the first Sharpie line.  This letter silk screen and the ones that follow should be on the underside of the glass and positioned .75” from the bottom edge.


Step 6
Hold the letter in place and flip the glass over.  Tape the letter to the glass to keep it from moving.


Step 7
Work on a covered surface.  Protect surrounding areas and airbrush the silkscreen with the crimson paint.


Step 8
Position the right edge of the letter “l” against the third line.  Tape it in place as you did the “N”.  Airbrush it with the crimson paint.


Step 9

Add the “o” and the “e” centered in between the “N” and the “l”.  Tape them in place and airbrush them with the crimson paint.


Step 10
Tape the poinsettia stencil on the underside of the glass.


Step 11
Airbrush the poinsettia with the crimson paint.  


Step 12
The Gold Pearl is a light paint that will remain transparent without enough coats.  Airbrush the back of the glass with light layers adding more after each has dried.  You have the right amount of paint layers when you can no longer clearly see the red paint through the gold.


Step 13
Add clear vinyl cushions to each corner of the glass square to keep the paint from being scraped against a table surface.


Tip:  Do not immerse the coasters in water.  If cleaning is necessary, wipe a damp sponge across the unpainted surface.