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candle holder After


  1. Cut a 3.5”x3.75” piece of balsa wood. On one side cut out a 2.5”x1.875” piece. Then, Cut a slot the width of the balsa wood from the bottom middle up to the halfway mark of the base. 
  2. Cut another piece, but cut the slot to start from the middle of the top to the halfway mark. 
  3. Paint each panel flat black. Allow paint to dry.  
  4. Use masking tape to mark off sections for an additional color of paint. 
  5. Use enamel paint marker on unmasked sections. Dry.  
  6. Remove tape.
  7. Fit two pieces together. 
  8. Place candle in holder and display. 

    note: Same template can be used to make varying lengths of candle holder.