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Ombre Stripe CurtainsAfter
Ombre Stripe Curtains


  1. Iron out all the creases in the curtain.  Creases will make a difference in how the paint adheres to the fabric.

  2. Lay the curtain flat on a work surface.

  3. Arrange painters tape horizontally on the curtain using the measurement & color chart.  Only the 1” and 3” spaces will be covered with tape.  You will apply paint to the open spaces.  Use two strips of the 1.5” painter's tape to cover the wider spaces and 1” painter's tape to cover the narrower spaces.  The chart shows you the color placement as well as the thickness of each space.  The natural curtain color will show through when the masking tape is removed.  A yardstick as well as a ruler will come in handy for measuring.

  4. Mix equal parts white paint with chocolate to achieve the cream color.  Protect all but the bottom two stripes from overspray.  Paint horizontally working from the left of the curtain to the right starting at the bottom edge of the bottom stripe.  Use a very light spray to put down a mist of color.  When you’re reached the right edge of the curtain, move your airbrush back to the left and up so that you’re overlapping the mist slightly.  Put down a heavier spray across the curtain.  Keep moving back to the left and up to apply progressively heavier sprays.  The top stripe should be solid color and the darkest cream you can spray.

  5. When the paint is dry, protect the bottom stripe from overspray.  Use a very light spray of the copper paint across the top edge of the cream stripe.  When the paint is dry, protect the bottom two stripes from overspray.

  6. Paint the two copper stripes.  Begin with a mist at the bottom edge as you did with the cream paint and work your way up, applying heavier coats.  When the copper paint is dry, protect the second stripe from overspray.  Spray a mist of chocolate across the top edge of the copper stripe.

  7. Finish the drape by painting the two chocolate stripes using the same techniques.  Unlike the other colors, there will be no color mist on the very top of the top chocolate stripe.

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