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Reversible Spring / Summer Sign

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Small paint brush
    • Pallet wood box
    • Raffia
    • Ribbon
    • Felt flowers
    • Hot glue gun
    • Hot glue
    • Pen
    • Carrot image
    • Flip-flop image
Reversible Spring Summer Sign

Flip from spring to summer with this DIY decor. A springtime carrot reminds you of your freshly planted garden, while the flip-flop tells of your trips to the beach. 


Testors Craft Brush-On Paints – 292430A White Matte
Testors Ultra Gloss – 307171 Orange, 307173 Green, 307179 Purple
Small Paint Brush
Pallet Wood Box
Felt Flowers (
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Carrot Image (
Flip-Flop Image (


Project Steps


Step 1
Paint the wood box, on all sides, with Testors matte white craft paint.


Step 2
Trace the carrot image on one side and the flip-flop image on the other side.  Use a pen so that the wood is indented slightly. Note: Only the carrot shape was traced. The tops are painted freehand. Only the flip-flop outline was traced. 

Step 3
Paint the traced shapes with Testors Ultra Gloss. Freehand paint the carrot tops. Let Dry. Paint the Flip-flop side.


Step 4
Add a raffia bow to the carrot. Add a ribbon and flower to the flip-flop.


Project creation and photography by Angie Holden of The Country Chic Cottage. For full tutorial on The Country Chic Cottage, click here