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User Submitted Project: 3D Model of an Animal Cell for Biology Class

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3D Cell
  1. Outlined project and gathered materials. Purchased foam head because it is different than a common foam ball creativity points and the neck functions as a base.

  2. Used Testors 8946 Razor Saw to cut the back of the head off at an angle to create surface for cell.

  3. Wiped off head and cell surface to prepare them for paint.

  4. Sprayed face and neck with Testors 1241T Wood 3oz enamel paint. Provided even coverage and dried quickly.

  5. Mixed Testors 1145TT Gloss White and 1103TT Gloss Red 1/4oz enamel paints to create pink paint then brushed on cell surface.

  6. Selected various items i.e. beads pipe cleaners clay etc. to represent cell parts.

  7. Used Testors 3517CT Super Glue and a hot glue gun to attach items to the cell surface.

  8. Created legend of cell parts and items used to represent them. Attached it to the head with push pins.