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3D Printed Piggy Bank

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3D Printed Piggy Bank After
  1. Print 3D piggy bank by following instructions for 3D printer. White PLA filament was used. 
  2. Prep 3D print by cleaning it. Wear gloves to prevent oils from fingers or fingerprints.
  3. Spray body of piggy bank with coat of primer. Allow primer to dry. Follow drying instructions. 
  4. Apply masking tape to all four feet.  
  5. Use paint brush to apply Testors Gloss Magenta Enamel Paint to entire piggy bank and allow to dry. Additional coats of Gloss Magenta can be applied.  Allow each coat to dry before applying additional coats. 
  6. Remove masking tape from feet and apply a coat of Testors Gloss White Enamel Paint. Additional coats can be applied if needed. 
  7. Spray the entire piggy bank with Testors Spray Lacquer Glosscote. Allow to dry.  
  8. When dry, apply ribbons with Testors Super Glue and let dry. Add Tutu before displaying.