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3D School Bus Project I

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    3D School Bus Project II
left side of bus I After right side of bus I Before
  1. Print 3D school bus by following instructions for 3D printer. White PLA filament was used. 
  2. Prep 3D print by cleaning it. Wear gloves to prevent oils from fingers or fingerprints. 
  3. Spray body of school bus with a coat of CreateFX 79624 Fine White primer. Allow primer to dry. Follow drying instructions. 
  4. Select Testors ¼ oz. enamel colors: 1103TT red, 1139TT black, 1145TT white, 1138TT gray, and 1107TT turquoise. Then paint the bus as shown in the pictures. Let dry.
  5. Use Testors enamel markers to detail the bus: 2545 white, 2503 red, and 2547 black. Let dry.
  6. Last, apply a top coat of CreateFX Glosscote Lacquer Spray 79661.