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Primate Animal Habitat Diorama for Science Class

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Create diorama of animal habitat for 7th grade science project


  1. Outline project and gather materials.
  2. Place Testors 281200 drop cloth or newspapers over work surface.
  3. Apply Testors 1224T green enamel spray to the outside of shoe box and lid then let dry.
  4. Spray inside of box and allow to dry:

    Testors 1208T Blue enamel spray – sky and water

    Testors 1241T Wood enamel spray – dirt

    CreateFX 79604 Moss Green – grass

  5. Use scrapbook paper (or construction paper) to create jungle back-drop.
  6. Hot glue pipe cleaners and/or basket filler for branches and vines.
  7. Attach animals and trees using hot glue.
  8. Use enamel markers to decorate and label project.