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Camouflage Game Controller

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camouflage game controller After


  1. Disassemble your game controller. Be very careful not to damage any of the internal electronics.  If you don’t feel comfortable disassembling your controller than carefully mask of all the buttons and joy sticks.
  2. Using the light grit Testor sanding film, sand off all the printing as well as scuff up the entire surface. This will help the paint stick to the surface.
  3. Once the part is thoroughly sanded clean the parts using soap and hot water; rinse well.   Make sure it is completely dry before continuing.
  4. Base coat the entire controller with Testors Primer.  Cover the whole controller with a solid even coat. Leave the controller to dry for 24 hours before you proceed.
  5. Using tape carefully cut little blocks and place them on the controller, cover less than a third of the controller.
  6. Airbrush the whole controller with the second color, Cream. Let this dry. Once you have finished set it aside and let it dry.
  7. Follow the pattern that you have already started and place more masking film on.  Make sure you cover the non-masked areas as covering the masking fill will have no effect. When you are finished there should still be about a third not covered with masking film.
  8. Spray the entire controller with a nice even coat of Flat Olive Drab. Let the paint dry over night.
  9. Peel off all the layers of masking tape. You can use the edge of a knife to get the tape started and then peal it off with your fingers.  Check very carefully to assure all tape has been removed.
  10. After the tape is removed you may feel a roughness’s’ to the surface along the paint edges, smooth these down with your hands don’t try to sand the paint layer is too thin for that.
  11. Clear coat the entire controller using Testors gloss coat.  Spray 2 thick coats allowing dry time in-between for be protection of your work.
  12. Reassemble the electronics or unmask buttons and joy sticks, plug in and play away.