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Lamborghini Model Kit with added Paint & Decals

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Lamborghini 5 After Lamborghini 2 Before
  1. Unpack model kit pieces. Using your acrylic paints, paint the car seats red and paint the inside control panel details red and silver.
  2. Take your masking tape, and tape off the top of the car to be able to put in your racing stripes. Using your enamel gloss paint, paint in between the masking tape lines. Use your thinner and a Q-tip to touch up any of the stripes that might have spread beyond their lines. Cut out your decals using scissors leaving a slight space past the decal. Add them to the car doors by pressing them to the car door and rubbing the top of the decal with an eraser. 
  3. Let the paints dry. Put together the car using the directions that are supplied in the kit.