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Spray Chalk Spring Designs

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    Cheer Your Team to Victory With Spray Chalk
  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Spray Chalk in Pink, White, Yellow and Blue
    • Butterfly Stencils
Spray Chalk Spring Designs After Spray Chalk Spring Designs Before

Testors Spray Chalk is a great way to get the kids outside for some fun! Easy to apply, Spray Chalk creates temporary designs on concrete, asphalt or grass. Stencils help create that perfect little butterfly. 

Step 1: Shake well before and during use. 

Step 2: Hold the can 4-10 inches from the concrete and grass and at a 45° angle for best consistency. Make it as large as you'd like! 

Step 3:  Spray chalk washes away naturally with rain, or lightly spray water from a garden hose to remove.

TIP: Spray on colors when wet to create new hues.