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Sun, Sand and Sea Chair

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Beach Chair
    • Card Stock
    • Old Toothbrush
    • Painter's tape
    • Scissors
    • Wide Brush
Beach Chair


  1. Use masking tape to create an outer and inner frame for your artwork.  The outer frame will be painted black.  The inner frame will contain the colorful artwork.

  2. Cut a one-inch circle out of cardstock and use it as a stencil to paint the moon.

  3. Airbrush the moon white about one-inch above the artwork frame line and slightly off center.

  4. Following the bottom artwork frame, use a #2 brush to paint a thin horizon line across the fabric. Using 1/2" painters tape, mask off everything above the line and below the bottom frame line.  Airbrush the open area with purple paint.

  5. Mask off the new paint and airbrush a light coat of yellow above the horizon line fading as you get to the top of the frame.

  6. Mix peach and a little bit of orange.  Use a 1" wide brush to paint the color at the horizon line from the right side to the left, fading as you reach the left side.

  7. With a wide brush, add purple to the top half of the artwork, blending it into the orange.   Dip an old toothbrush in water and drag it across the fabric to blend colors together or thin out colors that are too strong.

  8. When you’re happy with the sky, use a #2 brush to apply the palm trees with black paint.  Brighten up the moon with more white if needed.

  9. Mask off the artwork with 1/2" tape and airbrush the black frame.   It will require more than one coat.

Tip: Allow paint to dry completely between steps.

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