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  1. Print out the templates for the flowers, leaves and butterfly found here.

    Arrange the templates over 20" x 13" foil pan covers. Trace the images with an embossing tool, leaving impressions in the foil.

  2. Cut out the flower shapes with fancy paper edger scissors.  Make an impression in the center of the flower pieces for alignment purposes later.  Use the embossing tool to engrave lines across each petal and to engrave 1/4 inch from the outer edges. Spray the back of the stencil and cut out pieces with adhesive.  Let it rest for a few minutes then press it against an old towel or tee shirt and remove it.  Doing this two or three times will lessen excess adhesive and make it easier to remove from the glass after painting.

  3. Trace the leaf template onto the foil and cut out with straight scissors.  Cut two of each size.  Engrave veins and stem lines on each leaf.

  4. Trace and cut out the butterfly. Fiskars “Majestic” scissors were used to give special shaping to the bottom wings.

  5. Cut two pieces of foil to measure 1” x 3”.  Set one aside.  On the other piece, cut slits 3/4 of the way into the foil. Remove the stencil.

  6. Spray both sides of the cut piece with Orange paint.   Spray the other foil  piece with White paint on one side.  The white foil will act as a connector for the finished flower in step 11.Wrap the ribbon around the vase, tying it in a bow on the upper right corner.

  7. When the paint is dry, smooth the orange piece around a pen to curl the individual strips.

  8. Holding the solid edge, roll the curled piece in a circle and set aside.  Airbrush the 36" wood dowel white and set aside.

  9. Airbrush all sides of the flower pieces with peach paint.  Allow them to dry then accent the edges and engraved areas with Mocha pant.  Dust with Orange paint for a bit more color.  Spray with clear lacquer.

  10. Bond the small flower onto the larger one with a generous glob of hot glue applied at the center marks. Position the smaller petals between the larger ones, rather than directly on top.

  11. Glue a rhinestone to the center of the flower.  Apply glue to the edge of the curled foil and arrange it around the rhinestone.

  12. With the unpainted side against the wood, press the white foil piece on the dowel to shape it.  Remove the curved piece and hot glue the painted side to the back of the flower.  Wrap two floral wires around the dowel to shape them into spirals.  Slide them off the dowel and pull to stretch them and loosen the coil.  Hot glue the two wire ends inside the white foil piece.

  13. Airbrush both sides of the butterfly with Sky Blue paint.  When dry, lightly airbrush Purple paint diagonally across the wings.

  14. Use enamel paint markers to outline the wings in black, and draw dots and lines across the wings in gold.  Spray with clear lacquer.

  15. Create another spiral with floral wire.  Hot glue one end to the center of the butterfly.  Wrap the other end onto the top of the dowel and glue in place.

  16. Airbrush both sides of all leaves with Green Pearl paint.

  17. When dry, outline the edges and veins with Dark Green paint.  Spray with clear lacquer.

  18. Join four pipe cleaners by twisting their ends together.  Wrap the long pipe cleaner around a container to curl it.  Run your hands around it to shape it.  Slide the pipe cleaner off the container and stretch it slightly.

  19. Apply glue inside the white foil piece attached to the flower.  Lay the dowel on top with the butterfly wire at least an inch above the foil.  Wrap the foil ends over each other and glue in place.  Glue one end of the pipe cleaner against the side of the white foil piece.

  20. Run the dowel through the center of the pipe cleaner spiral.  Glue the end of the pipe cleaner about four inches from the bottom of the dowel.  Wrap two leaf stems onto the pipe cleaner, one in the upper half and one in the lower.

  21. Hot glue the last two leaves to the dowel behind the flower.

  22. Have fun shaping all the spiral wire and the foil pieces to give them life.  Bend long petal edges inward, curl butterfly wings and antenna, warp leaf ends, etc. Handle parts gently without tugging and do not apply sharp creases.  Creases may peel the paint away from the foil.

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