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Painted Metal Garden Fish

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Testors Craft Aerosols in Colors of Your Choice
    • Aluminum Flashing
    • Jewelry Basics® Crystal Connectors from Cousins
    • Flat Backed Color Glass
    • Alene's Liquid Fusion
    • Metal Cutting Snips
    • Masking Tape
    • Graph Paper
    • Craft Knife
Painted Garden Fish Painted Garden Fish

Blogger Project - Add some color to your garden with these DIY painted alumimum fish! This easy project gives your flower bed or vegetable garden a fun, little twist of whimsy, thanks to crafter Carol Heppner.

Step 1:  Draw fish pattern on a piece of graph paper. Cut out the template using a craft knife.

Step 2:  Using the template, trace the fish pattern onto the aluminum flashing.  Cut the fish shape out of the flashing, using metal cutting snips.

Step 3: Mask off a section of the fish with masking tape, spray with Testors Craft aerosol paint. Let dry.  Mask off another section, apply next color , let dry and repeat until the desired look is achieved.

Step 4:  With glue, apply flat backed colors glass for eyes.  Attach crystal connectors and hang.