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Memorial Day Party Fun With Patriotic Pots

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American Flag Utensil Pots After
American Flag Utensil Pots

These three pots show off your love for America while holding your party utensils. Use Testors craft paints and basic terra cotta pots to make these easy and fun containers. 

Step 1: Make sure the terra cotta pots are clean and dried thoroughly.

Step 2: Spray a light coat of semi-gloss gray enamel primer on each pot to create a good base for the spray paint. Let the primer dry for approximately 30 minutes.

Step 3: Spray 2 pots with Gloss White and 1 with Gloss Dark Blue. Let dry approximately 30 minutes.

Step 4: Tape stripes onto 2 pots with painter's tape. Then spray Gloss Red stripes onto the white pots.

Step 5: Hold star stencils on the blue pot with your hand and spray on Gloss White Enamel Paint.

Step 6: Let project dry for approximately 1 hour before handling.