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Faux Cupcake Ornaments

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Faux Cupcake Ornaments

Basic Cupcake Directions:

  1. All the frosting on the cupcakes is created by filling a decorating bag with caulking and squeezing it out with different style tips.   Follow the directions on the decorating bags package.  Decorating bags and tips used for these projects should not be reused for food.

  2. Cut a piece off the bottom of the foam ball to create a flat surface.

  3. Apply caulking to the flat bottom and set it into a baking cup.

  4. Set the baking cup into a funnel.  

  5. Squeeze a bead of caulking into the space between the cup and the Styrofoam.  This will adhere the foam to the foil and help it keep its shape once set.

Wire Hangers Directions:
  1. Cut a 5” long 18 gauge piece of wire.  Wrap it around a jewelry ring maker or any tubular object two or three times.  Testors enamel markers are the ideal size for this.

  2. Lay another larger round object about the size of a spool of thread on the excess wire and smooth the wire around it creating an “s” shape.

  3. Slip the wire off both objects and trim.  Dip the wire end in the glue then attach a bead.  Each hanger is connected to a SIMPLE LOOP WIRE.  To create one, cut a 2.5”piece of wire that is wrapped into a spiral on one end.  The straight end is dipped into glue and inserted into the center of the cupcake.

Angel Cupcake Directions:

  1. Cut an 18” length of 18-gauge wire.  Fold it in half.

  2. With pliers, grab the wire at 1/3 of the length.  Grab the folded end with another set of pliers and twist until the wires are wrapped around each other.

  3. Form the two untwisted wires into a “y”.

  4. Roughly shape them into curves with your hands. Twist the ends together at the top.

  5. Push the two twisted ends together forming two loops for wings.  Slip on a topaz bead.

  6. Form the wings by pinching along the wire a couple of times with flat nose pliers.

  7. Slip a silver bead over the remaining wires above the topaz bead.  

  8. Bend the top wires into an 45 degree angle.

  9. Wrap and smooth the remaining wire around a marker or other round object to create a double,   open halo above the topaz bead. 

  10. Stick the long twisted stem at the bottom of the angel into some glue then into the center of the cupcake.  Add a simple loop wire to the cupcake behind the stem.

  11. Using a #70 decorating tip, form the base of the angel setting down adhesive caulking and working from the center of the cupcake out to the edges, overlapping strokes.

  12. When the caulking is dry, paint it with the yellow marker.

Snowflake Cupcake Directions:

  1. Use the template to cut out two identical snowflakes with a craft knife.  Set one flake down and dot glue on the center and the points.  Lay down a 3” Simple Loop Wire.  Lay the second snowflake on top.

  2. Paint both sides of the snowflakes with a thin coat of glue and sprinkle on clear glitter.  Glue a rhinestone in the center on each side.

  3. Use a swirling pattern to apply the frosting with the #48 decorating tip positioned on its side.  This will make the frosting swirls stand on end.

  4. When dry, paint the frosting with the blue marker.  While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on silver glitter.  Stick the snowflake Simple Loop Wire into the glue and then into the center of the cupcake.

Wreath Cupcake Directions:

  1. Use the #70 decorating tip to lay two rippled lines of caulking around the border of the cupcake.  The slower you move the tip, the more it will ripple the caulking.

  2. With a toothpick jab repeatedly at the caulking.  As the toothpick is pulled out, it will form the peeks that look like the needles in a real wreath.

  3. When set, paint the wreath with the green marker.

  4. Dab glue on the back of the rhinestones and attach them to the wreath in groups of three.

  5. Attach a simple loop to the center of the cupcake and tie a bow on it with red ribbon.

Gift Package Cupcake:

  1. Cover the cupcake with caulking using the #70 decorating tip.

  2. Once set, add the ribbon and bow with the #48 tip.

  3. Paint the ribbon with the red marker.

  4. Push a nail-head wire into each silver bead and attach them to the cupcake.  Add a simple loop wire to the center and surround it with beads.