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DIY Love Sign

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    DIY Wood Pallet Love Sign
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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • 12x12 Wood Wall Panel
    • Cricut Cutting Machine
    • Vinyl in Any Color
    • Transfer Tape
    • Weeding Tool
    • Paintbrush
    • Love Wreath
Love Sign

Make a DIY sign for your loved one and celebrate Valentine's Day with rustic flair. See how The Country Chic Cottage did this project by clicking here.


  1. Start with your wall panel and the white paint. I literally just pour a bi of paint onto the panel.

  2. Use your paint brush to cover the entire panel with white paint. Then, while it is still wet, pour on a bit of red paint. User your paint brush to spread that around as well. the tow will mix creating a pink color that is varied. You will see more white in some areas and more red in others. This will be different for every piece you create but that is the beauty of it!

    notE: Remember to paint the sides of your panel as well.
  3. Allow to dry completely. In the meantime, download the cut file here. Upload it to design space and cut from a 12 x 12 piece of vinyl (any color is fine).

  4. Once cut, wee any excess vinyl and use transfer tape to apply your wood panel.

  5. Now you don't want any white paint to seep under your vinyl plus the top layer need a slight pink tint. So break out the red paint again. Use VERY LITTLE paint on your brush and go around the vinyl.

  6. While this is STILL WET, start going over the top with white paint. Use light coats over the top. I did three coates of white paint one right after another. Not allowing them to dry will help to give you that rustic appearance when complete. The red paint we used in the previous step will blend slightly with your white giving you a faint pink tint as well.

    notE: Remember to paint the sides of your panel as well.
  7. White the paint is still wet, lift up your vinyl and remove it from your love wall art. This is my favorite part! Lifting the masking an seeing that gorgeous art underneath. 

  8. Allow your project to dry completely then put anywhere in your home. This project is perfect for Valentine's Day but it would also work throughout the year. Add a little love to your home decor.

  9. The varying shades of paint that are in this project are stunning considering I literally used two different colors. Your can see everything from the brightest red to the brightest white with all shades of pink in between.

  10. Hopefully you can gt a chance to make your own love wall art for your home! I know you will love the stunning results and how they look in your farmhouse style home.