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Wood Slice Santa Ornaments

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Wood Slice Ornaments
    • Testors Paint Brushes
    • Red Pom-Poms
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Glue Sticks

Making Santa faces are easy on these flat wood slices and Testors paint. See how this blogger did it.




Step 1
To create Santa’s hat, paint a little over 1/3 of the top of the wood slice ornaments with the red paint.



Step 2
To create Santa’s beard, paint a little over 1/3 of the bottom of the wood slice ornaments with white paint.



Step 3
Using the black paint and a paintbrush, paint Santa’s eyes just below the red paint.



Step 4
Attach a red pom-pom nose to the wood slice ornament, just above the white beard, with a glue gun.

Project development and photography by Angie Holden. To see the full tutorial on The Country Chic Cottage, Click Here.