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    Spray a DIY Creative Promposal Right On The Grass
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Spray Chalk Prom Proposal

Project creation and images by Angie Holden.

Looking for creative prom proposal ideas?  These days the proposal is almost as important as the big night. Imagine using Testors Spray Chalk to spray your big question in the grass right outside of a window.... how romantic!

Prepare:   Make sure working surface is clean and thoroughly dry. Shake the can of Spray Chalk before and during use. 


Apply: Hold can approximately 4-10 inches from surface and at a 45 degree angle. Spray your letters in a consistent and steady manner onto the grass, sidewalk, driveway, or other flat surface. If your message needs to be seen from a distance, make your letters thick.


Finish: After your prom proposal is complete, wash it away with water pressure from a garden hose or let it fade to white after 7 days. 

Click to view the full tutorial and additional Spray Chalk inspirations on The Country Chic Cottage blog.