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Aztek Airbrushed DIY Holiday Gifts

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Airbrushed DIY Holiday Gifts project shot After Airbrushed DIY Holiday Gifts project shot Before

Aztek Airbrushed DIY Holiday Gifts
Project created for Testors by Brittni Melhoff of Paper & Stitch Blog

Basic Tutorial:

Materials Required:

  • •  Testors Aztek Airbrush
  • •  Testors Aztek Propellant
  • •  Testors Aztek Airbrushable Acrylic Paint – White Pearl Metallic #9470A
  • •  Use any gift type item you would like to paint such as glass vases, perfume bottles, decorative metal tins, large metal bells, etc.



Hint: Cover your work surface with newspaper or plastic, to protect it from overspray. Let paint dry between coats.


Project Steps

Step 1
Attach the paint cup to the airbrush. Attach the can of propellant to the airbrush with the small black hose provided. 


Step 2
Remove the lid from the paint cup and pour paint into the cup. Put the lid back on.


Step 3
Before airbrushing your item, practice using the airbrush on a piece of paper, paper bag or cardboard. Hold the airbrush like a pencil and press the trigger to begin the airflow and release the paint. It may take a few seconds for the paint to start flowing. 


Step 4
Once you get the feel for the airbrush, get started on the item you would like to airbrush. Move the airbrush back and forth in long strokes, with your finger on the trigger, pushing the trigger down while pulling back, to control the flow of air and paint. 


Step 5
Apply multiple layers of paint, if desired. Let dry completely before touching or using.

Click here to see the complete tutorial on Paper & Stitch blog.