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Creative Stemless Wine Glass

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Creative Stemless Wine GlassAfter
Creative Stemless Wine Glass After Creative Stemless Wine Glass Before

Upgrade your plain, stemless wine glasses with some Testors Craft paints and a little creativity. Paint your glassware today for tomorrow's party and impress your guests! 


Project Steps

Step 1
Wash and thoroughly dry the glass to be sure there isn't any dust on it and cover your work area.


Step 2
Select the phrase you would like to use and add the sticker letters to the glass.  (NOTE:  If you are extra crafty you can always use Testors’ Paint Markers for writing freehand)


Step 3
Select your first color and make dots using the micro brush, dipped with paint, on the glass.


Step 4
Repeat the dots with each color going lower for each color. (Each color is more condendsed towards the lower part of the glass.  For example, only the 1st color is higher up on the glass.) Only the 1st color is higher up on the glass. Let all paint dry for at least 1 hour before use.  


Step 5
Let all paint dry for at least 1 hour before handling and 24 hours before use. Only hand wash to protect the paint from chipping or wearing off.