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Candy Cane Plaque After Candy Cane Plaque Before

Candy Cane PlaqueDesigned By: Donna Budzynski from

Materials Needed:

Testors Craft Paint

•  297467 - Ruby
•  292429A - Stop Sign
•  292430A - White
•  292421A - Black

Rub & Buff - Gold
Wood Plaque

Tools Needed:

Testors 8862C Paintbrushes
Container to rinse brushes
Small soft rag
Computer generated words
Saral Transfer Paper

Project Steps

Step 1
Paint wood plaque background color Black, let dry.


Step 2
Sketch out candy canes onto paper and transfer onto plaque.


Step 3
Print words and transfer onto plaque.


Step 4
Using Testors color Stop Sign paint words and use Testors color Ruby for shading.


Step 5
Paint candy canes white and add stripes to it using Stop Sign. Once dry add a highlight line.


Step 6
Now using Rub & Buff rub gold onto the edge of plaque. Let dry and rub some off to make it appear vintage. I also used my paint brush to highlight letters in gold.


Step 7
Using chalk, I rubbed the side of the chalk against the plaque edges to give a frosted look.


Step 8
Use your favorite varnish to finish.