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Shamrock Scarf

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Painter's tape
    • Shamrock Stickers
    • White Scarf
    • Yard Stick
Shamrock Scarf


  1. Iron the scarf so it is wrinkle and crease free.  Place it on a work surface covered with paper towels.  Align one-inch painters tape along one edge of the scarf.

  2. An easy way to create even 2.5” border guides is to set two yard sticks against the tape.  The border doesn’t have to be 2.5” exactly, just something close to that measurement.

  3. Run another piece of tape across the scarf against the edge of the second yardstick.

  4. Set the yard sticks aside.  Place shamrock stickers between the two tapes. The artist used ten on their 23” wide scarf. Cut two pieces of foil to measure 1” x 3”. Set one aside. 

  5. On the other piece, cut slits 3/4 of the way into the foil. Remove the stencil.

  6. Spray Sticker placement should begin in the center of the scarf.  Place one in the upper portion of the border and one in the lower.  Once you have two stickers in position, place more stickers in similar positions moving out from the center.

  7. When you’re happy with the sticker placement, protect the scarf from paint overspray above and below the tape.  Airbrush the border with green paint. 

  8. When the paint is dry, remove the stickers, and the tape.  Repeat all steps on the other end of the scarf.  After 24 hours, cover the painted areas with a cloth and set the paint with an iron.  Also protect the ironing surface with another cloth.