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Created for Testors by Jenny Barnett Rohrs of Craft Test Dummies Blog (



Step 1
Protect your workspace with newspaper or plastic. Line up 6 large craft sticks side to side. Tape them together with Washi or painters tape.


Step 2
Turn the craft sticks over, so the tape is underneath.


Step 3
Airbrush the sticks with a basecoat of color, using Airbrainz Gloss Teal.  Press the lever on the top of the airbrush to begin painting, while moving in a sweeping motion. 

To assemble the airbrush, attach the clip-cap lid with the tube directly to the ¼-oz paint bottles, then slide it directly onto the front of the airbrush.

Attach the black plastic propellant hose to the airbrush. Attach the other end of the tube to the Powerairpod mini compressor.

To change colors, just remove the clip-cap and paint bottle and slide a new bottle onto the airbrush. 


Step 4
After the teal paint is dry, center the “Love” stencil onto the sticks.


Step 5
Tape off all of the letters on the stencil, except for the “L”, with washi tape. Also tape around the sides of the stencil, to prevent overspray of the different colors onto the teal paint.

Step 6
Airbrush Airbrainz Gloss Hot Pink over the “L” on the stencil. Let Dry.  


Step 7
Remove the washi tape from the other letters on the stencil.


Step 8
Using washi tape and post-it notes, isolate the letter “O” and airbrush with Airbrainz fluorescent orange paint. Let paint dry.


Step 9
Remove washi tape from the letter “V”. Reposition tape to protect other letters from paint overspray.


Step 10
Airbrush the letter “V” with Airbrainz Fluorescent Yellow paint. Let dry.


Step 11
Using tape and post-it notes, isolate the letter “E”, while protecting the other letters from overspray. Airbrush the “E” with Airbrainz Gloss Grape paint. Let Dry. 


Step 12
Remove the masking tape and post-its from the front of the sticks.


Step 13
Using a silver Sharpie, trace around the letters.


Step 14
Tape sticks together on the “LOVE” side. Turn the sticks over, remove the tape from the backside.  Airbrush a base coat of paint with Airbrainz Fluorescent Orange on the bottom and Fluorescent Yellow paint on the top, at an angle.


Step 15
Using the “Bubbles” stencils, airbrush Airbrainz Gloss Grape paint onto the sticks. Allow overspray onto the stencil edges.


Step 16
If desired, personalize your puzzle with a message.


Step 17
Remove the tape from the sticks. Your puzzle is now complete.