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Watermelon Painted Rocks

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Watermelon Painted Rocks

Summertime isn't complete without watermelon! Paint your garden rocks like the fruit and bring long-time sweetness to your landscape.


Rocks of various shapes and sizes; your choice. Clean and dry.
Testors Craft Spray paint: 304347 Neon Green, 304348 Neon Pink, 304353 Gloss White Wedding
Testors Craft Acrylic brush-on paint: 292421A Matte Black
8733 Small tipped Paintbrush


Project Steps


Step 1
Cover your work surface with newspaper or other material.


Step 2
Paint the top of the rocks with a coat of gloss white wedding paint. Let dry.


Step 3
Paint the bottom and sides of the rocks, meeting the border of white paint on the top, with Neon Green paint. Let Dry.  


Step 4
Spray over most of the gloss white wedding paint with the Neon Pink. Leaving a little bit of white around the edges. Let Dry.


Step 5
With a small tipped airbrush, hand paint watermelon seeds on the top of the rocks.

Project designed and created by Stefanie Girard of Craft Gossip Blog for Testors’ Corp. For full tutorial on the Craft Gossip Blog, click here.