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Light Up Your Room for Thanksgiving with Hydrodipped Candlesticks

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    Hydrodipped Halloween Pumpkins
  • Tools & Supplies:

    • White candlesticks
    • 5-gallon bucket of tepid water
    • Coffee stirrers
    • Gloves
Hydrodipped Candlesticks  Hydrodipped Candlesticks

 This easy technique using enamel paints and water add a fun and different look to your plain candlesticks this holiday season. A few seasonal colors bring brilliance to your fireplace mantle or Thanksgiving dinner table. 

  1. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with tepid water (about 78 degrees).
  2. Over a protected surface, place the bucket in a reachable location and shake the enamel paints before opening. 
  3. Open an enamel paint and stir gently with a coffee stirrer. 
  4. Slowly, and gently, pour the enamel paints, onto the top of the water, one at at time.
  5. Once all of your enamel paint colors are in the bucket, use a coffee stir stick and slowly drag it across the colors to swirl them together. 
  6. Very slowly, dip the candlestick into the bucket on an angle so the paint sticks. Turn the candlesticks for a swirl effect. 
  7. Slowly remove the candlestick from the bucket and set it aside to dry for approximately 24 hours.