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Meet Me in Paris

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Blue Ribbon
    • Brass Brads 1 inch
    • Clear Plastic Plates
    • Cotton Napkins
    • Card Stock
    • Decorative Paper
    • Decorative Studs
    • Deep Green Metal Container
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Marine Vinyl
    • Paris Themed Stencils
    • Scalloped Rotary Cutter
    • Silverware
    • Stencil
    • Tape
    • Wine Bottle
    • Wine Glasses
Paris Picnic For Two


  1. Print and cut out templates located here. note that B pieces include vertical lines for the three section wine bottle pocket as well as the two section wine glass pocket.

  2. Using a piece of 24"L x 54"W Marine vinyl, cut out vinyl pieces A and B, two of each.  Cut tops of A pieces with a fancy scalloped rotary cutter.  With straight scissors or a craft knife, cut slits for the container handles.

  3. Transfer vertical lines on template A to the right side of the vinyl.  Transfer vertical lines on template B to the wrong side of the vinyl.

  4. One A piece should have only a line down the center for the wine glass pockets. The other A piece should have two vertical lines for the wine bottle and utensil pockets.

  5. Place tape on napkins following the stitching on the hem and airbrush a green border on one edge.  Place tape on the opposite edge and paint it blue.

  6. Airbrush the top of both vinyl pocket pieces (B), with a 1/2” green border.

  7. Airbrush Eiffel Tower images in the left and right center sections of the wine glass piece using the stencil.  Apply the Fleur di Lis stencil and airbrush it in the center of the wine bottle piece.

  8. Match lines on the backside of the B wineglass piece with the lines on the A piece.  Option:  Instead of using brads to join the pieces, apply a line of E-6000 glue on all the vertical lines and allow to dry.

  9. Starting at the top of the pocket in the green band, insert a brad.  Insert two more spaced two inches apart on the vertical lines.  Place a fourth brad .25” from the bottom of the piece.  Repeat with the second vertical line.

  10. Apply glue or brads on left and right outer edges to seal pieces together. Align lines on the backside of the B wine bottle piece with the lines on the second A piece. Attach all vertical lines and outer edges with glue or brads.

  11. Apply the Fleur di Lis stencil on the center front of the container and the Eiffel Tower on the center back.  Airbrush both with blue paint.

  12. Using the stencils, airbrush a Fleur di Lis on the center back of both plates. The paint should be applied to the underside of the plate and sealed with Glosscote.

  13. Hot glue a 20" piece of ribbon 1” from the vinyl edges. Attach a decorative stud at the edge of the vinyl securing the ribbon.

  14. Slip a pocket section over each handle of the container.  Bring the ribbons together in the center and tie them into bows. Wrap the silverware in the napkins with the color borders showing.  Wrap ribbon around them and tie it in a bow.  Stuff them into the pockets on both sides of the wine bottle.

  15. Insert the wine bottle into its pocket and the glasses into theirs.

  16. Make a small cone with decorative paper and fill it with flowers.  You’ll find a template for the cone on my Party Favors page.

notES: The 2 pocket sections slip over the handles of the container forming a collar and positioning the pockets against the inside corners.  This leaves enough of the center open for bread, cheese, and whatever else you have in mind. 

Two wine glass pockets on one side of the container are painted with the Eiffel Tower stencil.

The center pocket on the other side of the container is painted with a Fleur di Lis stencil. You’ll also find the Fleur di Lis image in the center of each of the clear plastic plates. Pocket edges are painted green as well as one cloth napkin edge.  The other edge is blue.  Blue ribbon and gold accents help to bring this entirely custom project together. 

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