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Teal Pumpkin

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    Teal Pumpkin
Teal Pumpkin Project
  1. Purchase a plastic pumpkin.
  2. Prep pumpkin by cleaning it with mild soap and water. Wear gloves to prevent oils from fingers or fingerprints. 
  3. Mask areas as desired with marking or masking tape.
  4. Evenly spray a coat of Testors One Coat Lacquer spray and let dry per product directions. Try 1844MT Icy Blue. 
  5. Remove marking tap and/or masking tape.
  6. Use Testors paint brush to paint masked area.  Try 1146TT Metallic Silver enamel paint.
  7. A top coat can be applied. Try 1261T Glosscote spray. 
  8. Place pumpkin on doorstep and enjoy!