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Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

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  • Teal Pumpkin Project
    Teal Pumpkin
  • Thanksgiving Painted Cornucopia
    Painted Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece
  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Testors Crackle Kit
    • 2X Ultra Cover Semi-Gloss Clear Topcoat Spray Paint
    • Tray, Bowl or Vase
    • Burlap Table Runner
    • Artificial Fall Foliage, Flowers or Decor
    • Drop Cloth or Kraft Paper
    • #180-Grit Sandpaper
    • Tack Cloth
    • Gloves
Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces After Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces Before

Blogger Project -  5 Minutes For Mom had some fun with the Testors Craft Crackle Kit and made three different Thanksgiving table centerpieces that offer rustic looks. Check out how Janice made these three on her blog.